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Our service is here to provide all the equipment and technical assistance that you need when it comes to LED screens. Our service offers big screen hire for a wide range of different indoor and outdoor events. With affordable rates and an experienced team, we are the perfect rental service to provide the LED display screen you need for whatever event or promotion you are planning. We can customize our services to better match your needs, as well as being able to take care of all the installation and technical work that may be required. So, we make getting and setting up the right equipment super easy. 

The selection of LED screens that we can provide as part of our rental service can be just what you need for a number of different needs. So, if you need any LED equipment for your next event or advertising campaign, we are the service that can provide it. We offer amazing rental rates, as well as being able to handle all the technical details like the set up. We provide a wide selection of different options, so you can always find something that’s just right for what you have in mind.

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LED Rentals

We know there’s a lot of details you need to concern yourself if when you are organizing an event or looking for the perfect way to advertise and catch everyone’s attention. Having the perfect LED screen set up is a must either way. Well, we’re here to tell you that that’s something our rental service can help you with. Our rental service can provide a range of LED screens, including video walls, that can be utilized to match a range of needs. We focus on rental, supply and installation as part of our service. 

Matching Your Needs

As well as being able to cater for a range of events, our service is able to perfectly match any needs that you have when it comes to LED screens and related set ups. Whether you require a video wall system, an LED screen or an LED panel, we can provide the equipment that you need. We can also easily customize our service to match your needs as well, so if you have any specific request when it comes to the type of equipment you need, or the way you want it set up, all you need to do is let us know. 

We Can Work with Your Budget

No matter the size of the event or campaign you are working on, we know there’s always budget constraints. This doesn’t need to hold you back with our service. That’s because we the offer best rental rates on our whole range of LED screens and set ups. With some of the best LED screen rental prices, including a great LED video wall price, you can make your money go further and get all that you need without going over your budget. 

Best Rates

We know that no matter the event you are putting on, you always have a budget to work with. This doesn’t need to stop you getting what you need with our rental service. With amazing LED screen rental prices, along with the best LED video wall price, our service can provide the set up that you need on your budget. Our amazing rental rates allow you greater flexibility and can be a great way to relive any budget constraints that you feel you may have. So, make sure that you pull out all the big stops and get what you need to put on the best event ever, without having to worry about your budget.